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Image by Jeff Sheldon
We have your back! Check and learn how to prepare our nutrition gourmet meals and blend formulations.
The ability to prepare food, follow a recipe and the facilities available, can impact on people’s food choices. If a person becomes reliant on foods requiring minimal preparation, or food prepared for them, it puts a constraint on their choice such that consumers will become increasingly disconnected from food preparation. We don't want that. Quite the opposite, in fact. The connection to food and nature is what we are aiming to improve for you and everyone. We want also to make your life easier... and our food formulas are raw and natural, and of course arranged for your with the correct portions and balanced ingredients, while ready to be cooked or prepared with no hassle, although if you want to customise it.
We are here to help you with that... you still have to do your part and cook it or prepare it in very little time and improve it as you like it, and with our tips and tricks.

Since nutrition is known to play a major role in health, food preparation and cooking skills have the potential to affect one’s wellbeing and health.
Many different factors affect the type of food chosen and consumed, but the skill to prepare appropriate food plays an important role.
A lack of support in preparing and cooking food could impact on health as it can limit choices.
Food prepared at home tends to be more nutritious than that prepared away from home, and healthier dietary variety can be achieved by people who regularly cook from fresh or raw ingredients.
Furthermore, cooking and preparing your foods gives you the maximum flexibility in the choice of ingredients in customising our preparations, and thus allows health guidelines (related to nutrients such as salt, saturated fat and sugar) to be followed more rigorously, to help achieve a nutritionally-balanced diet.