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Why is that gritty?


Our Mycoloop Blends are natural fungi and plant-based protein/fibre mixes, and they are grittier by nature because they come from naturally dehydrated fungi and plants and nothing else... like caking agents or dairy derivates.


Some plant proteins are grittier than others, which is why different plants have different textures. It all comes down to the type of plant protein source used.


The second reason is that raw botanicals are not refined and processed so they tend to have more of a real, genuine taste and texture to them. This is actually a really good thing as the less something is processed, the more nutrients it will retain.


We all want to reduce our processed food intake right? An organic plant-based protein is a great way to do so!

How do you get rid of any gritty texture?


There are lots of ways to reduce the gritty textures. Here are our five favourite tips to make your smoothies extra smooth and boost nutrition too!


1. Use a creamier base like milk, almond milk, or coconut milk.

Although we love to add just water to our blends, it’s smoother when using a creamier base. Unsweetened almond milk and coconut milk are our favourites! They make it smoother without a ton of extra calories or when you don’t want to add any extra fruit or veggies to it.


2. Add a banana or an apple to really smooth it out.

Adding fresh fruit and veggies not only provides extra nutrition to your smoothie but doing so will also improve the texture. Try seasonal fruits, leaves, or seed and berries for an extra smooth shake!


3. Blend in a blender.

If you’ve got an extra minute, blend your protein in a blender! It will make sure everything is mixed really well and smooth out any grittiness.


4. Make sure you have the right amount of liquid.

If you’re using a shaker cup, make sure you’ve got the correct amount of liquid for your blends. Not using enough milk or water will leave your shake clumpy and chunky. Gross! Adding a little extra liquid can smooth out any shake, just don’t forget to shake it, and shake it well!


5. Don’t let it sit.

You might want to save time by making your smoothies ahead of time, but this can cause the ingredients to separate and you’re left with a grainier smoothie. Try to drink your protein shake as soon as you can. It will taste better and be fresher! If you want to keep it for later, make sure to shake it again before drinking it.

*Please make sure that you dispose of the packaging in a proper manner. 

Our pouches are fully compostable. 

Box and labels are paper recyclable. 

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