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Safe reopening announcement.

“No matter how hard the past is, you can always begin again"

Following a necessary period of hibernation due to the disruption of our supply chain, we delighted to announce that we are finally resuming operations.

Please, feel free to place your order and/or write to us for enquiries.  We closed our shop at the beginning of April, due to the COVID19 pandemic.  Even being key workers, have been troubled by the fact that we are a small business with very little storing capacity.  We didn’t have enough stockpiling of our necessary protective equipment PPE to keep ourselves operational in the long run. We use PPEs (masks, gloves and full suit) as standard health and safety measures, long before COVID19 pandemic.  Mushroom farms are required to use masks and protective suits, to protect the mushrooms themselves from cross-contamination from other spores that staff could involuntarily be carrying inside the growing area. Fungi spores are everywhere and surround all of us at all time, they are tiny and invisible to our eyes. They can be tiny spores to only 4-5 microns. Also, staff working with mushrooms can be exposed to fungi spores if they don’t wear PPE since all mushroom farming operations are likely to generate quantities of dust and bioaerosols. The masks we need to use in our factory to keep everyone and the mushrooms safe at all time, are the same as the health workers are required to wear due to COVID19: FFP3. At some point when our supply of PPE ended at the beginning of April, we couldn’t find the masks anymore in the market and so we needed to shut shop. It has been heartbreaking keeping shut, while we knew that people in our community needed food, but health and safety can’t be ignored, we can’t lower the bar, in particular during a time where we needed to set the bar higher.  So, after this hard period for everyone, finally, the situation is now easing up regarding PPEs for the supply chain and the health workers, and last we managed to secure our PPE, even though 10 times more pricy than before the pandemic.  We feel now confident to reopening shop and operations from today.  We are now back together but operating apart. To put your minds at rest, the safe reopening includes the reintroduction of the following measures to mitigate the risk of infection:

  • Social distancing – a minimum of 2 metres apart at all times.

  • Only 2 people per time on site.

  • All staff is required to keep their temperature check prior to commencing work.

  • All staff is required to wear necessary PPE at all times.

  • Job and finish to minimise time on site.

  • Handwashing every 10 minutes, on the top of the standard health and safety measures for handling food.

  • Staggered breaks to support social distancing and keep hight attention span for the new measures.

  • Buddy system for reminding each other of the new measures.

  • Hourly site sanitising.

  • One staff entrance and exit to the site.

  • All staff that can work from home will remain off-site.

As you can imagine, we are excited and happy to see our colleagues and continue working for your health, but also keeping up the guard.  We are not quite yet out of the bushes with this pandemic.  We must continue to keep each other in check and stay healthy and safe! Please, stay healthy and safe yourself! We are here to help with that. Stay tuned in the next few weeks for our new products for health improvement and more functional foods. Thanks a lot for continuing to support us!

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