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Compostable packaging - what do we mean?

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

Our main objective is to deliver products which are as sustainable as possible. It may get confusing what is the most sustainable available option, shall the packaging be recyclable - because we have all the infrastructure in place? But what a minute! Is the UK really recycling its plastic waste domestically. As you have probably been reading the wave of the articles over the last year of the controversies related with the plastics. Hence we were faced with two options - biodegradable and compostable packaging. At the first sight, both of them are great, right? Either one you choose, they seem to be having less harm for the natural environment, if any at all. They should decompose in the end of the day, go back to nature. So it is great, isn't it? But well, we were quite curious what 'biodegradable' and 'compostable' really stand for. And we have learnt that 'biodegradable' packaging is derived from petrol-based plastics, not too good... huh? The only difference with the regular polymers is the fact that 'biodegradable' plastic has the ability to decompose. Meaning that it will part into tiny pieces of plastic and get into soils, water streams and eventually into our bodies. So we thought, well it doesn't sound too thrilling for us, and this is definitely not something we would like to support. We dug dipper and learnt about the compostable packaging. Well, it may not be perfect, we agree with you, because as some argue it threatens the food security, because we are not only going to grow grains for human consumption, for animal feed, but also for packaging? Are we going to threaten our food security to produce packaging, hopefully not! Additionally, having more compostable packaging around will demand new infrastructures, which the UK is lacking. And by disposing of compostable packaging with other recyclables we actually decrease the quality of the material which can be retrieved from the recycling process. True, but on the other hand, it is the only packaging at this moment which can be fully composted. Which you can just disposed of together with your food waste and it will decompose either during the anaerobic digestion or in-vessel composting. Secondly, we thought, that as a company that is striving to bring about some change, give consumers a chance to make more sustainable options, we also have a responsibility to give our vote for the best solutions at this point. Hence, we settled on the corn-based compostable packaging. So please please please - read thoroughly what packaging you are using and if it says "OK for home composting" do put it into your food waste bin.

And this surely is the case for our Scottish Gourmet Mushroom Meals!!!

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