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Eating vegan and local - healthy and sustainable for us and for the planet.

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

We have been having a lot of conversations in the office, while planning the products, how we should label them. Vegan? Plant-based? Mushroom-based (don't mention that they are vegan, because it scares some people away. In the end, though we thought we will strive to get Vegan certification in place to assure that what we deliver meets all the requirements a vegan person may have.

Having less meat and dairy products has been widely discussed by scholars, journalists, dieticians, and for example Canadian government has new dietary guidelines (2019). The guidelines encourage consumption of bigger quantities of fruits, vegetable and grains and remarkably less meat and dairy.

As much as we want to promote vegan, vegetarian and plant-based diets we also believe that to be truly sustainable it is important to look at where do the goods come from. The rule of thumb is - go local. As we may know, these often tend to be more expensive, and we cannot win this game unless we have a significant number of people demanding local, this way the production can become more profitable for small, organic, and local farmers.

Of course such things take time, however we have got to start somewhere. There are already quite a few amazing local suppliers. Now, we would like to experiment with our innovative technique of growing food products for Scotland. We have envisioned it to become a co-operative which connects different individuals and organisations that share common interests and goals. To provide more healthy and locally grown food for Scotland!

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