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Green Grow Updates - what's up with us? Crowdfunding almost done, Unlocking Ambitions, AccelerateHER

Unlocking Ambition Graduation 2019, Edinburgh, 18th March 2019

We have been quite busy for the last 8 weeks, and many things has happened in the meantime.

Our Crowdfunding campaign is about to be finished in 2 days, hence one more big thank you for showing your support for us and our project! We did not succeed to reach our target due to various reasons, however we have had a steep learning curve throughout the campaign!

We thought we will keep you updated with what has been going on at Green Grow:

  • Right after kicking off with our crowdfunding campaign we found out that the premises we were promised here in Moray, are not available anymore, therefore the the time we spent during the last few months for planning of entering the premises has been lost. It was a bump on the our way, that kind of distracted us from putting more efforts into the crowdfunding. But believe us, we are not loosing our courage and motivation and we are working even harder to find new solutions and implement Plan B ... or even Plan C to deliver our fungi-based packaging!

  • Happily, last night Iain has graduated from the program Unlocking Ambition and we have celebrated it with other participants in Edinburgh. Which is great, because the participation in the program reassured us that the 'vegan, zero-waste and plastic-free' is the way to go!

Unlocking Ambition Graduation, 2019

  • Tomorrow, Isabella is taking a part in the semi-finals of a competition called AccelerateHER in Edinburgh, so keep your fingers crossed for her pitch!!! The competition is produced by Investing Women, who see potential in female leaders and want to help them scale up their business.

  • Despite all delays with getting the right boxes and compostable pouches - we want to live up to our promises and deliver you the first Gourmet Mushroom Meal Boxes right to your door at the beginning of April - we are really looking forward to your feedback!

  • Also, we have been working hard on developing new "ready-to-cook" meals so be all ears - we have more delicious mushroom-based dishes coming up!

We hope all is well with you! 

Best wishes,

Green Grow Team

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