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Thank you for waiting!

It has been a few months since we wrote to you last Summer Solstice. 

It’s not every week you release a new product, let alone 4, in a week.

It’s been quite a process to get this far, and there’s always something to stop you from sleeping at night when you are an entrepreneur.

I should get on with one of our own new products ‘MYCOLOOP RELAX’... which should do the trick.

Or possibly have some “EARTH LOVE’ chocolate drink - another juicy one among the new products - and happily keep going.

Chocolate makes me happy. No mystery there!

So what is new amongst the Scottish heather in Moray? Oh boy!

Launching new products is a huge undertaking.

We have been quietly and relentlessly working away to deliver these newbies to you, in the last few months, and also behind the scenes over COVID19 first lockdown.

It sounds very strange even to mention that there was a 'first lockdown', while we are potentially heading into another one.

These are strange days, indeed.

Yet, they seem to validate many of the reasons we are in business and trying to develop the amazing natural products we have. 

But enough with challenges, let’s get on with firing up the good news then, which is why we are here after all...

I have 4 good news for you! See below!

  • News 1.

  • Isabella, one of my business partners, took a course on vegan nutrition and she successfully graduated over the lockdown Springtime.  While she did that, she had a deep dive into creating functional food formulas for our health and Planet health. Did you know that she went on her own healing journey for the last 18 years of her life? Maybe she’ll say more about that another time. Or not... she is not really up for using that card. Check the new products out, though, to see what she has been up to.

  • As you know, our products are all about plant-based functional food formulations, primarily based around the qualities of the amazing mushrooms that we grow ourselves, and also purchase in the UK and Europe, combined with the finest organic fibres and botanicals that we use in the formulas.

  • The benefits mushrooms hold for us - and for the world around us - are what makes them super interesting from a food and sustainability perspective. Some mushrooms, including the ones in the Green Grow Vegan Meals, porcini, shiitake, and oysters are both culinary and medicinal. You can check all these mushroom's properties on our website.

  • The new Limited Edition Mycoloop Blends (myco stands for mycology, you got that!) that Isabella formulated, are also packed with many other botanicals fitting best for health-related aspects, and therefore are considered amazing food supplements and functional medicine aids.

  • They are also "gluten-free". We have been testing them with independent labs, and we are very chuffed about the results. Our selected ingredients, assembled in the right proportion, have been shown to support the body's natural immune system and several other functions. There are several reasons for our joy, we didn’t invent Nature powers. It is just there and we celebrate it! 

  • We cleverly tapped into this knowledge with skills and passion, and combined the medicinal mushroom full of Beta-Glucans, which are amazingly good for us, with a powerful blend of Nature's finest ingredients that contain several vitamins, minerals & super-actives for different purposes.

  • No more waiting then... introducing:

  • EARTH LOVE Choco Drink is a great way to recharge your batteries and quickly replenish electrolytes. An earthy and rich hot chocolate with a difference, made with an incredible combination of our four favourite mushroom powders and  Belgian white Cocoa. EARTH LOVE is primarily made with medicinal mushrooms and packed with scrumptious Belgian white chocolate, Madagascar vanilla, and botanicals. This warming drink consists of wild Chaga – ʻthe mushroom of immortalityʼ, Reishi – commonly known as a strong tonic, Cordyceps Sinensis – full of important vitamins and minerals, and Lions Mane – prized for its cognitive-support.

  • Mycoloop FOCUS Blend is made primarily with organically grown LION’S MANE mushroom powder, mixed with raw, naturally dried, and grind organic botanicals, such as Coconut,  Turmeric, Beetroot, Baobab, Raspberry, Dandelion, Vanilla, Strawberry, and Chia Seeds, in a scientific formulation designed for concentration, activities that require mental attention and general well-being.  This blend is dope! Lion's Mane plays a big factor here because it fosters the production of the bioprotein nerve growth factor (NFG) and myelin (insulation around nerve fibres). Both NFG and myelin are absolutely crucial to brain health. An imbalance in them can contribute to neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s and multiple sclerosis. That makes some serious brain food!

  • Mycoloop DETOX Blend is a powerful agnd e-reversing and detoxifier, designed witha an extremely effective mix of botanicals and fungi, made primarily with organically grown Cordyceps, Lion's Mane, and Reishi mushrooms powder, known among other qualities also for general health improvement, immune system boost, liver detoxifying, improved circulation, and skin health. These super nutrients are purposefully mixed with raw, naturally dried, and grind organic elements such as Coconut, Beetroot, Barley Grass, Turmeric, Dandelion, Lucuma, Kelp, Hemp, Kale, Rice Protein, in a scientific formulation created to support body and nervous system detoxification.

  • Mycoloop RELAX Blend is a great product for staying healthy. A good night' sleep is priceless. Stress relief, anti-histamine, and deeper sleep are the desirable 'collateral' effects of Mycoloop RELAX. This blend is an amazing result of a powerful recipe and combination of organic raw Chamomile, Carrot and Banana powered up with Lion's Mane Mushroom, and other tasty and healthy botanicals, such as Maca, Barley Grass, Baobab, Vanilla. Lion's Mane miraculous mushroom has been shown to improve wellness, increase calmness, and alleviate anxiety and irritability. It will help you with relaxation, sleep patterns, and mental/physical wellbeing.

  • We pride ourselves in continuing producing and crafting all our products from ethically and organically sourced best ingredients, cruelty-free, as usually packed in plastic-free compostable pouches, with the super-plus is that all of them are also fantastic combinations providing a nourishing plant-based protein. 

  • While with the newly released Mycoloop blends we let you choose which of the medicinal mushrooms you need to be using, for the function you need the most. You can also combine the intake of different Mycoloop blends during your day, with a max of 4 Mycoloop blend servings per day. 

  • It is easy to incorporate the Mycoloop Blends into your drinks, or smoothies, or add them to your breakfast cereals and porridge, or if you fancy transforming them into lollipops and icecreams, and you can even bake them if you want. 

  • The benefits build up over time, and we’re all in need of some support these days.

  • Medicinal mushrooms are a form of biomedicine that is being extensively studied by pharma companies and research universities. An impressive 40% of pharmaceuticals are derived from fungi (penicillin from a famous Scottish scientist, anyone?).

  • Oh, and we don't want to forget that the Gourmet mushrooms in our gourmet lazy-to-cook meals... such as oysters, porcini, and shitake, bring their health-supporting properties to the party too. And they do taste delicious. I eat them several times a week, actually.

News 2.

We took on board a new Vegan certifying body: The Vegan Founded, which is a better match for us, because it certifies not only the company and the products but also our own lives, as vegan founders. Vegan Founded certifies people and our ethics towards the environment and the animal cruelty-free lifestyle. We really like this organisation. Check them out!

  • News 3.

From this week we are also on Amazon Prime Trial, which also gives you a free delivery cost. 

Why should an ethical business like ours sell or not sell on Amazon? Is Amazon ethical? Er, no, but... Our research highlights many ethical and controversial issues for Amazon, and we believe they have merit. Although, the pandemic has somehow changed the Amazon debate as producers. As a small climate innovation and circular economy business, in order to demostrate that a new business world is possible, selling it is fundamental. And these days is even more fundamental to be online, and because right now there’s no easy route to retailing to the public like before COVID19,  it is a no brainer. We need a better rating and to enlarge our direct customer base in order to be found by the Google search optimisation engine, and Amazon's customer rating and track record give us that quickly, so we can move on our own from there. Therefore, if you want to purchase and support us and our products, please go and have a peek on our Amazon shop and leave us a rating after the purchase. So, if you are buying already from Amazon, we’d massively appreciate it if you could purchase our products from there in the next few months and give us a rating… also because they cost less for you to buy on Amazon than on our website, with the shipping cost cuts. Which is weird.

Although, if you still want to buy from our shop, we'd appreciate it even more, because as you can guess, Amazon is getting its cut.

  • News 4.

And in the background, in the mycelium laboratory we have, the experiments are underway all the time. We’ve had some very interesting results recently with using the mycelium to make materials... bio-materials to replace the unsustainable ones that are choking the wildlife and ourselves. 

More about that next time. Not about the choking, I promise. Shhh… We are keeping discoveries and design still under wraps. 

Please, stay in touch and if you can, show us some support in these hard times… we won’t disappoint you! Furthermore, at the end of the day, you never really waste money on buying food that lasts more than one year in your cupboard, and with us, you don't even waste the environment, which is a rare thing nowadays :) 

Oh... almost forgot. If you want to participate to our customer trial offers, in which we send you free products, and in return we'll ask you to respond to a customer survey that is giving us insights and feedback to make our products better.

Relentless yours, Iain Findlay From the Green Grow Lab - on a regular working Wednesday late evening:)

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