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More Fungi Premium products

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Stay safe!

Self-care is Planetcare! 🌱🌍♥️

Look at bright side and take care of yourself! Stay healthy, Stay happy!

Lets pull together and embrace kindness and love.

Keep your energy up, keep smiling, remember laugher and good food are the best medicines and best protection tools for any illness.

We want to help our customers with the isolation troubles and the worries are going through, since we are well stockpiled at

Place your orders on the available products with 20% discounts.

The orders will be delivered at your doorsteps, in the next couple of days by #RoyalMail, with no hassle.

As the coronavirus outbreak grinds on, e-commerce operations buckle under increased pressure and we are preparing for troubleshooting. Coronavirus (COVID-19) impacts our customers and the communities in which we live and serve.

We are here to help.

We have now exhausted our bulk pouches! Apologies. You can preorder them by writing to

We will be preparing them again in the next few days for you to stockpile vital high-quality healthy #plant-based food and #FunctionalProtein to keep your health and your possible isolation time as much nice and relaxed as possible.

#stayhealthy #stayhappy #stayhomeifsick #bekind #takecare

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