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What is sustainability to you?

“What is your definition of Sustainability, where are you in relation to that definition, and what are you doing to close the gap”.

The blank faces and stories that you get back when illustrating the size of the challenge and lack of real understanding of the nature and scale of the problem.

However, it also creates an entirely new chance to reimagine everything.

Why does it matter to living beings? The sustainability challenge we face has been faced by many civilisations before us and they have all crumbled. I think the academic and author Jared Diamond identified 21 or 22, maybe.

The thing is, they all had somewhere else to go, usually.

They could emigrate, move to a new island, but not any more.

Humanity is destroying the biosphere at a rate faster than it can recover and the economic system is blind to that fact.

The fault in the system is fundamental… it requires continual growth in a finite system… and it cannot be reconciled without a total overhaul.

It’s very likely we need to reboot everything, from whatever operating system it took to run a telegraph machine and get that new up-to-date refurbished Fairphone.

Soon, the ecology of the planet won’t be able to support such a diversity of life and that’s when it becomes fragile and loses resilience.

What shall we do about that?

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