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80g - 30 servings





MYCOLOOP FOCUS - 30 servings

Mycoloop FOCUS Blend is an extremely effective mix made primarily with organically grown LION’S MANE mushroom powder, carefully mixed with raw, naturally dried and grind organic botanicals such as vegetables, fruit, roots and seeds in a scientific formulation designed concentration, activities that require mental attention and general well-being. LION’S MANE mushrooms, also known as 'hou tou gu' or 'yamabushitake', are large white, bristly mushrooms that resemble a lion's mane as they grow.


'Lion’s Mane' mushroom and its extract have been shown, in scientific research, to have a variety of benefits.

Scientists have made several scientific discoveries (check the link) regarding LION'S MANE mushrooms. 

While the current research is promising, more human studies are needed to develop practical applications for LION’S MANE mushroom. 


Mycoloop FOCUS Blend has a bright pink colour, that is a result of the combination of organic raw beetroot, raspberry and strawberry, together with Lion's Mane and other tasty botanicals. It can be enjoyed raw in water and fruit smoothies, added to with your favourite "aperitivo" drink, or even for making popsicles, to make pink cupcakes... in your sauces, salad dressings, soups, bread or curry dishes. It tastes fantastic infused as a tea or mixed with hot chocolate.


Using some of the best organic raw ingredients from around the world, Mycoloop FOCUS Blend's formulation provides a burst of nutrients famous for supporting, harmonising and energising the body and the mind.

We challenge you to try Mycoloop FOCUS Blend for at least 2 weeks, twice a day to see the results in your daily happiness, along with mental and physical general performance.



  • Quality: Premium, organic, pure, naturally sourced ingredients.

  • No compromise: ZERO WASTE, Gluten FREE, Animal cruelty-FREE, Climate-Friendly, Fillers FREE, Caffeine FREE, Bulking agents FREE, additives-FREE, synthetic vitamins FREE, artificial flavouring FREE, bulking ingredients FREE, caking agents FREE, Gimmicks FREE,

  • All pH Alkaline Ingredients.

  • Vegan certified.

  • Formulated to achieve true results. Always tested by independent labs for purity & quality.

  • Taken for happiness, vitality & wellbeing.

  • High in a wide range of nutrients scientifically proven to achieve outstanding results & benefits.

  • Ideal for smoothies, salads, teas, baking, or simply as a daily drink.

  • Proudly researched, tested & developed in SCOTLAND using a vast network of well-know & trusted experts.

  • Blended, manufactured, & bagged in SCOTLAND and tested in UK based labs at A grade BRC certified food standard blending & manufacturing facilities.


Mycoloop Focus (limited edition)


    Coconut, Lion’s Mane Mushroom, Turmeric, Beetroot, Baobab, Raspberry, Dandelion, Vanilla, Strawberry, Chia Seeds.



    Energy value (kcal) 329 kcal/100 g

    Energy value (kJ) 1378 kJ/100 g

    Crude Protein 18.3 g/100 g

    Carbohydrates (available) 39.54 g/100 g

    Total sugars 20.3 g/100 g

    of which:

    Fructose 1.3 g/100 g

    Glucose 1.1 g/100 g

    Sucrose 17.8 g/100 g

    Total fat 5.3 g/100 g

    Total Dietary Fibre 24.9 g/100 g

    Sodium 0.0926 g/100 g

    Trans fatty acids 0.50 g/100 g fat

    Monounsaturated fatty acids 0.87 g/100 g

    Polyunsaturated fatty acids 0.62 g/100 g

    Saturated fatty acids 3.48 g/100 g

    Trans Fatty Acids < 0.1 g/100 g

    Salt (via sodium x 2.5) 0.23 g/100 g


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