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When we started five years ago, we shared the dream that we would build a truly zero waste and cruelty-free food system, that would make easy for people to be healthy and eat well and local while covering the future protein gap, without over-using and wasting planetary precious resources, and that could be serving as an excellent example of a regenerative smart farm and business.
Easy peasy isn’t it? If only. We still at it, with loads of joy and also pain sometimes.

How do you start to create an ambitious system like that? And could we get it done in our lifetime? How would that change things? And what would we need to do, day-to-day, as a company, to make that happen and survive financially against the big guys?

For us, it began with science, skills and knowledge, but also with fun while exploring, repeating the experiments and even failing, and restarting from square one at times. 

And this is what we learned so far...
Did you know they're more or less 60 edible mushroom species that we know of, thriving only in specific conditions and substrates with the best nutrients, and more than 300,000+ edible plants around the world, also giving us their best when grown with the best nutrients?

Just like ourselves, humans, more or less!

If you combine these areas of knowledge, the numbers of formulations are limitless. All around the world these treasures, together in combinations, have never been fully explored yet in their true potential, for how they can make our drinks, vegan milk, cookies or pasta, vegan ice cream or cruelty-free butter or even plant-based scrambled eggs. It is a pioneering mission. We literally started to explore these opportunities very much hands-on. The interest was finding and growing mushrooms and plants that, because of their health, sustainability impact and potential to make delicious food, will help us achieve our mission.
So much to do! And our journey as a business has only begun 5 years ago, even though in our tribe we have all been involved in regenerative agriculture and sustainable development from 3 generations of environmental warriors. 

Do you want to stay involved and contribute in this journey? We need everyone to save our future! Stay tuned and feel free to drop us a message with your contributions. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts about a sustainable and compassionate food system.



Chief Financial


(taking a break, not for too long we hope)

Ewan provides  Green Grow with guidance on regulation, certification, export procedures, documentation and export strategies for new markets and also on the financing of Green Grow, from investments, equity fundraising and other funding streams. 



Guerrini de Claire

Business Development Executive 

Izzy has an extensive corporate background in sustainable business development and offsetting through circular economy.

She provides Green Grow with vision and strategy to keep the business on track with innovation and capacity building.




Chief Executive Officer

Iain has been always working in innovating grassroots solutions for social justice and environmental sustainability for decades. Iain is the serial inventor at Green Grow, promoting always a concrete hands-on approach in delivering a positive change, while shaping a successful businesses.


Maurizia Ferrari

Product & 

Customer Care 


Maurizia supports Green Grow's efforts, looking after all the business functions, in particular for product and customer care.


She establishes a relation between the customer and our products.

She says:

'I believe a core component of my work is listening to our customers to understand their needs and serve them at the best we can.


Paddy Atkinson

Smart Farming 

Project Manager and Systems Engineer 

Paddy is an experienced project manager and systems engineer with broad experience spanning thirteen years and three continents.

Paddy's career and experience covers strategy, project management, project implementation, renewable energy, affordable housing, international development, energy efficiency and cutting edge research. 

At Green Grow, his role is to support ramping up production for ourselves and others, with the best technological solutions in precision indoor agriculture; 

the “fungi smart farm.”

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